Honors at the Symphony

This past month I went with the Honors Guild on a trip to the Hilbert Circle Theatre in Indianapolis. We actually went to Indy last fall to visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, but this year we attended Rogers and Hammerstein at the Movies, an arrangement of Rogers and Hammerstein songs from films such as Oklahoma! and The Sound of Music, performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

One of the things I love about Honors is that we get to do stuff like this. I love live music and old theatres—the Hilbert is absolutely beautiful to look at—so basically, I was really excited to be there. The orchestra itself was fantastic, although they did something I hadn’t expected; they’d hung a large screen over the stage, which showed scenes from the various movies as the musicians played along with the characters’ singing. It was kind of an unusual experience, but the live music actually really made the scenes come alive. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen very many of the films by Rogers and Hammerstein, but after hearing so many of their songs, I really want to catch up on what I’ve been missing!

It can get kind of busy at Taylor—there’s class, homework, councils and clubs, small group, etc.—so it can be very easy to forget about the outside world, or that we need to take a break. That’s one of the reasons I think trips like this are so beneficial. It’s wonderful to see something of another city, to visit a theatre or museum, eat at Noodles & Co. (I recommend their macaroni and cheese with meatballs), and just get to know the other people in the Honors Guild. Even the van ride was memorable: I met several new people, played a very amusing storytelling game, and sang Christmas carols about two weeks too soon. It was fantastic.

I’m already looking forward to whatever we have planned next.

—Chelsea Molin, sophomore in the Honors Program

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